NHCOG Observer Corps Report ~ 01.12.17

Northwest Hills Council of Governments
NHCOG Meeting -10am-Noon-01.12.17 @ NHCOG Office-Goshen
Issues and items covered at this meeting included:

At the beginning of each meeting the members are asked for any current activities in their towns.

Barkhamsted-Street crossing signs in Riverton which were installed by mandate as “needed” have been removed as being an eye sore & not needed.

Harwinton-In protest to State funding cuts is not paying state bills or returning unused state grants.

Winsted– NWCCC Vet Tech building will be opened in April.

Sharon-Sold a vehicle online for $17,000 to an Ohio town that would have only got $7,000 as a trade in.

Torrington-Seeking a grant to study ways to stem the tide of young people leaving the area. (28 % of millennial leave CT)

“Sustainable CT” Project

Lynn Stoddard of Eastern CSU explained this project to establish a community certification program. The group would outline activities that help make communities healthier, more livable, suggest sources of funding and provide public recognition for accomplishments. Towns that establish community gardens, farmer’s markets, bike paths, solar installations etc. would receive ratings for these activities. One long term benefit is the possible return of “millennials”. When married they often are attracted to communities with good schools and more livable surroundings.

Regional Tourism

Janet Serra, executive director of the Western CT Convention & Visitors Bureau (covers 65 towns) requested and received a vote from the COG to restore funding for tourism for the area. In the 2015 budget each of the three tourism districts was allocated $400,000.00 but there is no funding for these groups in the current budgets.

Financials 2016
Below is a summary of the Revenues & Expenditures for the year ended 2016.

The financials of the COG are audited by King, King  & Associates, CPAs who also audit the LWVCT accounts.

Respectfully Submitted
Bernie Harrington

To learn more about the NHCOG http://northwesthillscog.org/

Northwest  Hills Council Of Governments                            
Summary of General Fund Revenues & Expenditures                            
For the year ended June 30, 2016      

Assessments to Towns                                            $ 90,940
Office of Policy & Management                             226,004
Department of Transportation
Municipal Grant Program             $ 65,717
Transportation Planning              133,372
Transit Planning                                23,670       222,759
Department of Emergency Management
And Homeland Security
Planning & Facilitation                  233,193
Region 5 Coordination                     233,194       466,387
RPIG-Planning Collaborative                                  366,602
    SUB-TOTAL                                                              $ 1,372,692     
    All others                                                                           80,213     
    TOTAL                                                                         $ 1,452,905     

Salaries                     $ 155,033
Consultants               399,911
Equipment                 293,121
Other                           388,125
Indirect Costs            225,074
                      $ 1,461,264

The COG owns and rents to member Towns equipment with a replacement
value of $1,396,373.         The equipment includes Traffic Counters, Street
Sweepers. Catch Basin Cleaners and Asphalt recyclers & hotbox.

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