Action Alert ~ Protect the Citizens’ Election Program ~ 8/25/17

Urgent Action Needed Today to Protect the Citizens’ Election Program
As budget talks continue – CEP is in danger
To preserve CEP, every League member is needed to call their state Senator and Representative and urge them to vote to keep CEP, because we want our state officers and legislators to be free of obligations to special interests and to concentrate on their constituents and state affairs.
You probably have called before; call again.
We all are needed at this last hour.
The voting can happen at any time.

Urge them to preserve the Citizen’s Election Program! 
CEP is keeping special interest money out of politics, and we want to keep it that way. All of our current state elected officers and 89% of our state House and Senate ran on CEP funding, soliciting no special interest money from state contractors or PACs. The funding comes not from taxes but from the sale of abandoned property in the state and constitutes 0.0001% of the state budget. 
Call today to keep elections in Connecticut clean and to maintain a level playing field for all candidates. 
The Connecticut Citizens’ Election Program was created to address rampant corruption in the state and to give everyday people a bigger voice in politics and the policymaking process. Its passage and successful implementation made the state a national leader in creating a democracy that works for all of us. CEP allows candidates to compete without reliance on special interest money; curtails excessive spending and creates a more level playing field among candidates. CEP provides public funding to run election campaigns for seats in the state legislature and for state offices. Funding for the CEP comes from the sale of abandoned properties, not tax revenues.
LWVCT was a key supporter in the creation of CEP in 2005 and has worked consistently to protect the campaign finance disclosure and attribution provisions.
For more information on CEP, check out the CEProud website

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