“Putin’s Wars: Grand Strategy and Creative Chaos” ~ 4.28.18 @ noon


“Putin’s Wars: Grand Strategy and Creative Chaos”

James Hatt, PhD

Saturday April 28th

Litchfield Country Club
256 Old South Road, Litchfield, CT

Dr. James Hatt, will explore how President Putin is using bombs, bots and psych ops to compel us to attack each other and doubt the values of our democratic republic.  These methods are not new.  Dr. Hatt experienced them personally, during his 20 years of working to set up the telephone system in the former Soviet bloc states. He had dealings with many Russian officials including Vladimir Putin, who was then mayor of St Petersburg. Currently Dr. Hatt, an English barrister, is working on his manuscript, “Playing Chess with Putin: Memoirs of an Accidental Spy”.

$35.00 ~ Please Reserve by April 19

Send check: LWV of LC, Box 899, Litchfield, 06759

HattJbwAbout the speaker: James Hatt is an English lawyer who started traveling into Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1989 for the UK telephone company Cable and Wireless, which had been privatized out from the UK Foreign Office by Margaret Thatcher, with the Government retaining a “golden share” influence on both international operations and development.

Dr. Hatt first met Vladimir Putin in October 1990. When Putin became President, on December 31, 1999, Dr. Hatt was already building and operating fixed, satellite, and mobile telephone companies across Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Georgia, and many other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Dr. Hatt has both witnessed and experienced how Russia weaponizes its commercial undertakings to seek, infiltrate, and corrupt targeted assets for tactical intelligence whilst generating national strategic opportunity through manipulating creative chaos.

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