Minutes ~ 4.2.18

League of Women Voters of Litchfield County
Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2018
Litchfield Community Center
Present: Kerry Mayers, Lois Keen, Meredith Penfield, Jackie Miller, Bibby Veerman, and
Christine Horrigan. Also present: Paula Rolleston

Call to Order: President Kerry Mayers called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

Minutes: Lois Keen made a motion to accept the minutes of the February 5 meeting as written.  Bibby Veerman seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Kerry gave the report for Meredith (who arrived later during the meeting). Report is the same as last month.

Membership: The League has three new members: Laurie Ann Brass (Warren), Laura Stancs and Diane Ryan (Litchfield).

Announcements: Carolyn Martin has resigned from the Nominating Committee.

International Annual Luncheon – April 28: Bibby has done all of the postcards. Board members need to encourage members to sign up. Doreen will send out publicity in a day or two. James Hatt, PhD will speak on Putin’s Grand Strategy and Creative Chaos. The meeting will take place at the Litchfield Country Club. Pat Donovan has put together a “voters’ rights” game. A suggestion was made to print up the game and put it on the tables at the International Luncheon.

Litchfield Historical Society Program: Paula Rolleston attended the meeting in order to
encourage the board and membership to attend a program on April 22 at the Litchfield
Historical Society. Nadine Strossen is the featured speaker. Nadine is a lawyer and the former president of the ACLU. She has recently written a book entitled HATE: Why We Should Resist It with Free Speech, Not Censorship. The board agreed to send information to the membership regarding the program.

Upcoming Meetings: The annual Small Towns, Big Issues potluck luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, May 17; the Annual Meeting will take place on Monday, June 18 at 9:30 a.m. at Bibby’s house.

Lunch & Learn: Lois Keen reported that the group has been doing a lot of work. They reviewed what they had learned during the open meeting with the board, the information sent by Christine and the list of towns that have taken action on guns on public property. They also talked about the local Catholic and Episcopal churches which are hierarch ical. Lois reported that the Episcopal Diocese is on board about banning guns on church property; she is not sure about the Catholic Diocese. Congregational churches are governed parish by parish.

Consensus Meeting: A consensus meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, April 19 at St.
Michael’s for the purpose of adopting a local position on gun violence. Presenters at the
meeting will talk about (1) how the idea came about, (2) current Connecticut law, the League’s position and what other towns have done, and (3) what we would like to do about the issue,e.g. go out and talk to government representatives and local non-profits about prohibiting guns on their properties.

Voice: The Voice needs to go out before the annual meeting. The board discussed raising dues to $55 or $60. The consensus was to include an increase in the membership fees in next year’s budget and to make a recommendation to the membership regarding the sam e. Meredith and Bibby will act as the budget committee, hopefully with help from Marilyn Lieff.

Student Scholarships: Meredith is in the process of collecting the names of the student
recipients from the schools.

Voter Service: Bibby would like to do something before the end of the school year regarding voter registration. Meredith will talk to the Litchfield Republican Registrar to see if the League can help with a high school voter registration drive. Kerry has reached out to the League of Northern Fairfield County regarding participating if they do a congressional debate.

Membership Dues: Bibby made a motion, seconded by Meredith, to support raising the
membership dues to $60, effective July 1. Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business – Vote Today Signs: Purchasing new “Vote Today” signs is being handled by
Denise Butwill. The original quote was $300; the League has received a donation of $50
towards the cost of the signs. Discussion ensued regarding reducing the number of signs. Lois Keen made a motion, seconded by Christine Horrigan, to contribute up to $100 from the Ed Fund to the cost of the new “Vote Today” signs. Motion passed unanimously.

Other Business: Indivisible would like to work with our League. We have no one to work with them at this time. Kerry will convey the message to them.

Please send information for Facebook.

Adjournment: A motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting at 10:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Horrigan, Acting Secretary

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