Consensus on Gun Laws, Observer Corps Report ~ 4.19.18

The meeting was conducted by Christine Horrigan with reports from Lois Keen, Judi Armstrong & Lynn Fulkerson

Christine began the meeting by outlining the LWV US   definition of “Consensus” as not requiring a vote but a sense of the group. Her hand-out outlined CT law on various handgun and firearm carrying rules. Christine also mentioned that there is no FOI available for the list of gun owners or sellers in CT.

Lois Keen gave a description of how the issue of “Guns in Public Places” began in February & March during Lunch & Learn sessions. The group gathered information on current CT law, towns that had gun carry laws (Woodridge & Newton), NRA financial support to legislators, public buildings in Litchfield. The information was presented to the Board who approved today’s Consensus meeting.

Judi Armstrong reviewed the ordinances that various towns had enacted. Naugatuck has a1973 ordinance which requires Mayor approval to carry metal self-defense objects in the town. Two towns near Chicago, Deerfield and Hyland Park, had ordinances with fines of up to $1,500 per day. Two CT towns, New London and New Britain, had carry ordinances that have been rescinded. Washington DC prohibits both open & carry provisions. Orlando FL’s law is being challenged by the state.

Lynn Fulkerson outlined the “How do we begin?”

As suggested by Christine the LWV of LC Board would adopt the US League position adapted for our community.

We would need a list of town properties, school buildings and private businesses that would be included in any gun carry ordinance and a list of League members affiliated with town organizations such as White Memorial, LCC, LHS, LAVA. Before going to the town Selectmen we would need to build community support.

The group also agreed to submit in May, for Board approval, a position on firearms following the LWV US position with emphasis on health and safety. In addition, the group would submit for Board approval- talking points for grassroots conversations with community organizations and others to gain support for presenting an ordinance to the town Selectmen.

Respectfully submitted- Bernie Harrington

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