Minutes ~ 6.4.18

League of Women Voters of Litchfield County
Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting Minutes
June 4, 2018
Litchfield Community Center

Present:  Margaret Dillon,  Christine Horrigan,  Lois Keen,  Marilyn Lieff,  Kerry Mayers,, Meredith Penfield, Bibby Veerman, Marie Wallace

Absent:   Doreen Deary,  Jackie Miller

Member: Martha Bernstein

Call to Order:   Kerry Mayers called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.

Minutes:   A motion was made to pass the May 7th minutes.   Christine Horrigan suggested we amend the minutes to reflect our gun control statement  which arose out of Lunch and Learn programs.  A motion was made and  seconded  to incorporate the statement. The amended minutes were approved and accepted.   (Members can read the statement here.)

Treasurer’s Report: Meredith Penfield reviewed the Treasurer’s Report for the month of May.  She then said that she and Christine will work on putting together an Ed Fund report.  It was noted that the Ed Fund is a 5013L under the national organization’s umbrella, limited to $1500.

Meredith then reviewed thank you notes from Shepaug High School and Wamogo High School for scholarship money the League donated.

Membership: Kerry spoke about the  $25 student membership available through 2021.  She said that she hoped the League will use this membership fee as a talking point for recruiting young people.  And a membership drive will be considered for early fall at Northwest  Community College in Winsted.

Nominating Committee:   Kerry reviewed the proposed slate of new officers which will be voted on at the Annual Meeting on June 24th.    Discussion on the Treasurer’s position followed and what that involves.

Annual Meeting:   The Annual Meeting of LWVLC will be held on June 18th at Bibby Veerman’s home, 318 South Street, Litchfield.    ALL members are encouraged to attend.    Kerry asked that members RSVP.  You can email lwvlc@gmail.com or call Bibby Veerman 860 567-3966.    The Board may do a telephone chain to remind members of the Annual Meeting.    Kerry noted that annual dues need to be paid at the meeting, or mail your check to LWVLC, PO Box 899, Litchfield, CT 06759.  The Board recommends that annual dues be raised to $55.   All members attending the meeting will vote on this proposal.  .  The LWVLC position on gun laws will also be reviewed.    New members who joined after January, 2018 do not have to pay due until June, 2019.

Lunch and Learn Meeting:  There was no May meeting, and there will be no meetings during June and July.   The date/location/time for the next meeting will be announced soon.  Possible topics for discussion include systemic racism, continued conversation on gun control, national popular vote.   Members are welcome to suggest topics to Lois Keen, the moderator, when you see her at the Annual Meeting, or email her at revlois1@yahoo.com.    L&L is an excellent way for new members to acquaint themselves with League positions, to bring new ideas to the table, and to generally feel more connected to the concerns of the day.

Gun Control Statement:   Lois reviewed the Gun Control Statement drafted by the gun violence committee.   The following points were covered:

-Participation in State Police programs on how to read a situation if there is an active shooter present.

-Ask private organizations to ban guns in their facilities as permitted by CT State law.  For starters, the committee  has put together a list of about 10 organizations to be contacted.

-Restrict gun permits.

Our thanks go out to the committee members: Judi Armstrong, Lynn Fulkerson, Kerwin Mayers, Michael McGill and Kathy Thompson who have worked on this issue.  Lynn will present the findings at the Annual Meeting.

Legislators Meeting:    The BofD decided to forego a  Small Towns, Big Issues luncheon this season.  Discussion revolved around alternatives, and the BofD will continue to search for ways to bring about a meaningful program with local heads of town government.

Voter Services:   Please contact Bibby if you are interested in doing election reporting.  The League finds this process a way for us to add money to our coffers.   More news to come.

Publicity:   We continue to receive inquiries through our Facebook page and our website.

LWVCT Convention: Kerry will be attending this event on June 9th in New Haven.  She will look into which primaries are on the docket later this summer, and how we are affected.

“Vote Today” Signs:   Thanks to Audrey Solnit and Kerry we have progressed toward our goal of $300 to fund signs to be put out this fall.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to have the remaining balance come out of the Ed Fund.

Miscellaneous:    Kerry attended a meeting in Canaan sponsored by Partners in Community and Safety on  Gun Violence.  Mary Ann Jacob, private citizen, gun control advocate  and gun owner spoke.  Kerry would like to engage her for an event later this year.

Kerry will meet with Audrey Solnit and Vanita Bhalla later today to discuss the possibility of ways to support WeCAN, an advocacy group focusing on education about public issues which may overlap with League priorities.

Bibby suggested publishing an edition of The Voice immediately after the Annual Meeting as a way to begin focusing on election issues.  Again, Bibby asks for volunteers to help with election reporting.

An Old Board (of Directors)/New Board Meeting will be held next month as soon as a date is firmed up.

The next BofD meeting is Monday, August 27th,  2018 at , 9 am at Christine Horrigan’s home. We encourage members to attend.

Kerry adjourned the meeting at 10:05 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Dillon

League of Women Voters of Litchfield County
P.O. Box 899 Litchfield, CT 06759
LWVLC   Facebook     http://www.facebook.com/LitchfieldLWV
League of Women Voters Connecticut   http://www.lwvct.org
To create a LWVCT Activist Account, go to http://www.lwvct.org.
Scroll down the list on the left ad Select TAKE ACTION
Select the 10 MINUTE ACTIVIST form
Fill out the form and select your areas of interest.



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