Annual Meeting Minutes ~ 6.18.18

League of Women Voters of Litchfield County
Annual Meeting
June 18, 2018
Home of Bibby Veerman, Litchfield, CT

Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Kerry Mayers at 9:44 am.  Christine Horrigan acted as Parliamentarian, and Margaret Dillon presented Credentials, noting there are 65 members with a quorum present.

Minutes Motion made, seconded and passed that the minutes of today’s meeting be approved at the first regular meeting of the New Board of Directors (August 27, 2018).

Portfolio Reports

Membership There are 23 new members with a total of 65 members.  New members in attendance were Joyce LaKamp, Paula Rolleston, Diane Ryan, Laura Stancs, Martha Bernstein (reinstated), Sue Rea.

Programs Report   Kerry reported for  Jackie Miller. Jackie wrote that working with the Litchfield Historical Society on the Gerrymandering program was a success.  The International Luncheon was another well received event with Professor James Hatt providing insight into Vladimir Putin.  The Legislative Breakfast attendees presented many questions to local legislators.

Voter Services Report was delivered by Bibby Veerman.  The points she covered: young people who are 18 years old before November 18 can register to vote.  Deadline to register to vote in a major party election is August 9, 2018. Bibby also said that volunteers are needed to sign up new voters.  As to where to set up a booth, several suggestions from the floor were mentioned: high schools, community colleges, homeless shelters, super markets, etc.  Election Reporters for the August 14th primary are needed as well.  Contact Bibby if you are able to help( 860 567 3966).  There are no debates for the primary election with debates this fall a possibility.

Publicity   Kerry reported for Doreen Deary who continues to send regular items to the online news media list.

President’s Remarks

–   Kerry spoke about the growth of the Lunch and Learn program over the past year taking on issues such as Civil Discourse, Gun Violence among others.

–   Kerry noted the dramatic increase in membership and hopes to continue to attract potential members through new, dynamic events.

– She mentioned that the national LWV organization will be celebrating 100 years of defending democracy, empowering voters and acting in a non-partisan way.

– Kerry also said that Ann Green will take the lead on a funding appeal letter.
Budget Presentation   Kerry and Christine delivered the report in place of Meredith Penfield.

–   They explained that the projected budget figures are suggestions and do not include any fund raising efforts.

–   Bibby explained the breakdown of where dues go.  Most of it to the National and State LWV’s.

–   Student membership dues will be $25. LWVUS and LWVCT are waiving the per member payment for the next two years which means the local LWV will get ALL of dues money!

–   We will give scholarships to a student from 5 area high schools.

–   A motion to adopt the budget was made, seconded and passed.

–   A motion was put forth to raise membership dues by $5, from $50 to $55.  Motion seconded and passed.

Nominating Committee Report

Anna Heys presented a new slate of officers and directors  as follows: President Kerry Mayers, 1st Vice President Lois Keen, Treasurer Christine Horrigan;   Directors: Assistant Treasurer Bernie Harrington, Membership Jackie Miller, Programs Martha Bernstein, Publicity Doreen Deary, Corresponding Secretary Marie Wallace, Archivist Marilyn Lieff, Hospitality Diane Ryan, Voter Service Bibby Veerman, Member-at-Large Margaret Dillon,.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the slate. A second motion to amend was made to present Paula Rolleston as Recording Secretary. It was seconded and passed. There is one vacancy still open – 2nd VP.   Thank you to Anna , Elayne Landau and Jackie Miller for doing the work.

Gun Free Zones

Lynn Fulkerson presented an update on the work done by this committee.  An introductory letter suggesting a conversation about what a gun free zone means, active shooter training, making facilities safer will be sent to several organizations .  A copy of the proposed letter was passed out to members. Before the letter is mailed, LWVLC volunteers will be trained to take part in the dialogue with area establishments.  Thank you to the entire committee for your work.

National Popular Vote

Diane Ryan explained the process to change the presidential election from the Electoral College system to the NPV.  Some legislators believe a repeal of the 12th amendment is necessary.  Some states have already agreed to assign their vote to whomever wins the  popular vote. Feel free to contact Diane Ryan if you have any questions. (860 567 2723)


We expect there will be a question on the November ballot concerning the need for public hearing before state land is sold.

Kerry adjourned the meeting at 10:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Dillon

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