Minutes ~ 8.27.18

League of Women Voters of Litchfield County
Board Meeting
August 27, 2018
Home of Christine Horrigan, Litchfield, CT
Approved 10/1/18

Call To Order
At 9:09 a.m., the meeting was called to order by President Kerry Mayers.

In attendance: K. Mayers, A. Green, P. Rolleston, L. Keen, M. Bernstein, J. Miller, B. Vermeer, C. Horrigan, D. Deary, B. Harrington,

Motion to accept minutes of June 4 Board Meeting and Annual Meeting made by Doreen, seconded by Lois and passed that the minutes of today’s meeting be approved at the next regular meeting of the New Board of Directors (September 1, 2018).


Programs Report by Martha Bernstein.
Confirmed event November 17, 2018:

Kevin Jennings, Director of the Tenement Museum NYC., at LHS, possibly 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. Topic- Immigration.

Potentially, there will be a follow up visit to the museum with a target date of the week after Thanksgiving (11/29) or 1st week of Dec. not 12/6.  Discussing joint activity with LHS.  Hoping that LCC would arrange the bus and allow for parking.

Budget Presentation Christine delivered the report
VOTE signs purchased

Cash flow is strong

Education fund to be handled by Bernie

  • No Interest
  • Questioned the impact of the tax change on deductibility
  • Will include the ‘donation’ deductibility in member dues letter

Jackie will prepare acknowledgement of donation letters.

Dues- Jackie will be sending dues reminder letters to delinquent members.


New Members: Jane McMahon, Pamela Thistlewaite

Jackie will send out welcome notes to new members.

Suggestion to rally members– Sept Wine & Cheese

FOT Ad:Motion by Paula, increase size of ad in promotional booklet to show support for OWL. Bibby 2nded. All approved. Cost $125

Doreen to look at text. Kerry will ask Joyce La Kamp to design

Voter Services Report


  • Discussed event at Prime Time House. Success!
  • 10/3 Naugatuck Community College confirmed
  • NWCC is in the works
  • 64th district debates: either 10/12 or 10/19
    • League has a format
    • Preference for a league moderator
    • Needs: timers, question collectors and question screeners
  • 5th Congressional Confirmed


  • 5 Towns covered for reporting results during the primary 8/14.
  • Will prepare write-up for newsletter
  • Need to recruit more day of event reporters for Nov. election.

Lunch & Learn

Lois suggested postponing Lunch and Learn program discussion till after the election

President’s Remarks

The national LWV organization will be celebrating 100 years of defending democracy, empowering voters and acting in a non-partisan way.

Ann Green will take the lead on a funding appeal letter.

  • Committee being formed: Jackie, Paula
  • Outline passed out.
  • To be sent by end of October
  • To include CT State leagues language as mission

Gun Free Zones

Kerry recapped the program. Confirmed 9/10 9:00-10:30 AM meeting at LCC.  An introductory letter suggesting a conversation with other organizations about what a gun free zone means, active shooter training, making facilities safer will be sent to several organizations.  Before the letter is mailed, LWVLC volunteers will be trained to take part in the dialogue with area establishments.  Confirmed training 9/10 at the LCC. Lynn and Mike to roll play and how to coordinate with State Police.

Washington DC Package presented by Lois


Doreen Deary who continues to send regular items to the online news media list.  Litchfield Biz has been very good to LofWV.

Kerry adjourned the meeting at 10:30 a.m. with Lois making the motion, Bibby 2nded and all approved.

Next meeting October 1, 2018 at LCC

(correction from prior announcement.)

Respectfully submitted -Paula Rolleston

Technology Tips

League of Women Voters of Litchfield County   www.litchfieldlwv.org

LWVLC Facebook page                                         www.facebook.com/litchfieldlwv

League of Women Voters Connecticut                www.lwvct.org

To create a LWVCT Activist Account
Go to wwww.lwvct.org
– Scroll down the list on the left and Select TAKE ACTION
– Select the 10 MINUTE ACTIVIST form
– Fill out the form and select your areas of interest.

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