Minutes ~11.5.18

Minutes of the November 5, 2018 Board Meeting
Litchfield Community Center

Present: Jackie Miller, Bibby Veerman, Marie Wallace, Diane Ryan, Marilyn Lieff, Kerry Mayers, Lois Keen, Bernie Harrington and Christine Horrigan

Call to Order: President Kerry Mayers called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m.

Minutes: Kerry noted that the spelling of Bibby’s last name should be corrected from “Vermeer” to “Veerman.” Marilyn Lieff made a motion to accept the minutes of the October 1 meeting as amended to correct the spelling of Veerman. Bibby seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Christine Horrigan went over the treasurer’s report which had been circulated previously by email. There were no questions. Union Savings Bank has solicited the League’s proxy and asked the League to vote in favor of the approval of a Plan of Mutual Holding Company Reorganization and the approval of a Merger Agreement between Union
Savings Bank and Union Savings Bank II. The Plan of Reorganization will reorganize USB into a mutual holding company structure and create a Connecticut chartered stock bank, “Union Savings Bank II,” which will then merge with Union Savings Bank. After a brief discussion, Marilyn Lieff made a motion, seconded by Lois Keen, that the Treasurer be authorized and directed to vote yes on both proposals. Motion carried unanimously.

Immigration Program: The program with Kevin Jennings on November 17 at the Litchfield Historical Society has received a fair amount of publicity. Kerry encouraged board members to forward the LHS brochure and mail postcards to their friends. Diane Ryan is coordinating the reception. The League has an outstanding credit with the Village Wine Cellar which should
cover the white wine for the event. Diane will contact people about bringing food. Board members will help with the set up. A bus trip to the Tenement Museum in NYC is scheduled as a follow up to the talk by Kevin
Jennings. The Litchfield Community Center is handling the transportation arrangements. The League has put a deposit down on two tours, one for 17 people and one for 18 people. As of the board meeting, 14 people had paid to attend. Following a discussion regarding using a van, with some people driving into the city, a decision was made to cancel one tour. Christine will handle the cancellation.

Voter Service: Approximately 450 people attended the candidate forum at Housatonic Valley Regional High School organized by the League in conjunction with the Lakeville Journal. The feeling was that some of the questions (particularly the one on bears) bordered on the inane, but
that overall the forum went well. The League might make some adjustments to the format in the future.

Approximately 350 people attended the 5th Congressional Debate between Jahanna Hayes and Manny Santos at the Portuguese Center in Danbury. Many of the attendees were students from Westconn. The moderator had to work hard to keep the audience under control. Co-sponsoring
the debate with the League of Northern Fairfield County worked well.
Lois Keen reported that voter registration at Naugatuck Valley Community College went well and that we took in 29 applications. There were many great conversations.

Bibby reported that League members will be act as AP stringers in 8 towns tomorrow. We might have had a ninth town (Sharon), but a student offered to take on the duty. Martha Bernstein volunteered to take on Waterbury which requires sending people to several polling places. Martha has recruited some students for the job; the kids will get the money paid by AP for the service.

The board briefly discussed two ballot measures on tomorrow’s ballot. One would amend the Connecticut Constitution to create a “transportation lockbox”; the second would amend the constitution to require a public hearing before the sale of public lands.

Fundraising Letter: Three hundred letters have gone out. Bernie Harrington will collect the money and deposit it into the Ed Fund. The board will discuss how to deal with the thank you notes at its meeting on December 3.

Upcoming Events: The Legislators’ Breakfast is scheduled for January 26, 2019 at the Congregational Church in Litchfield. Kerry would like it to be more open and asked people to bring friends. Bernie is in overall charge of the event; Diane will coordinate the food. Kerry will send out a notice to the membership regarding the event.

We need to create committees for the International Luncheon, the Small Towns, Big Issues Potluck Luncheon with area selectman and the Annual Meeting. Possible topics for the International Luncheon include NATO & China/Russia, Brexit and the rise of right-wing populism. Kerry would like to have a dinner party to hash out topics and speakers. She would
also like to have a debriefing meeting to talk about how to do better on debates and to tell “debate war stories.”

Action: Gun safety committee – No formal report. Things are going slowly. The committee is having problems setting up active shooter training with the state police. The committee will notify the board once the training is set up in case members want to attend.

Website/Facebook: Bernie will send information regarding how to access.

Adjournment: A motion was made by Marilyn Lieff, seconded by Lois Keen, and passed unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 10:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Horrigan, Acting Secretary

Next Meeting: December 3, 2018

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